Jennifer Myers is an entrepeneur,  teacher, writer, researcher and animal welfare advocate.  After completing a Masters degree in Business Administration in Scottsdale,  AZ in 2008,  Jennifer enrolled in Nova Southeastern’s Abraham Fischler School of Education to pursue a terminal degree in Health Education.  Her current research involves theories of stress and coping in home education.

A member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators,  Jennifer is a certified state K-12 Professional Teacher and currently developing humane education programs for Juno Humane Inc.  In addition to teaching and curriculum design,  Jennifer writes about health, wellness, nutrition, nature and animals.

Born in a small town in New England,  Jennifer now makes her home in South Florida with her husband, Jesse, son Joshua, and 5 dogs.  Find Jennifer online at Juno Humane Inc.,  BFitatHome,  or on facebook  @drjennifermyers