Jennifer Myers is an entrepeneur,  teacher, writer, researcher and animal welfare advocate.  After completing a Masters degree in Business Administration in Phoenix,  AZ in 2008,  Jennifer enrolled in Nova Southeastern’s Abraham Fischler School of Education to pursue a terminal degree in Health Education.  Her current research involves theories of stress and coping in home education.

A member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators,  Jennifer is currently developing humane education programs for Juno Humane Inc.  In addition to teaching and curriculum design,  Jennifer writes about health, wellness, nutrition, nature and animals.

Born in a small town in New England,  Jennifer now makes her home in South Florida with her husband, Jesse, son Joshua, and 5 dogs.  Find Jennifer online at Juno Humane Inc.,  BFitatHome,  or on facebook  @drjennifermyers